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alkaline diet food choicesThe thing is most of the people have been eating the wrong way. The ‘balanced’ diet that taught us about the food pyramids, balanced meal and healthy food, are the culprits in making us obese, disease, and ill. And this is because the ‘balanced’ diet that contains majority of meat, dairy and grains make up an acidic meal.

Have you ever questioned the true meaning behind a ‘balanced diet? Even after following a ‘balanced diet’ religiously, your body sends negative signals and you wonder what is the missing piece in the puzzle that prevents you from achieving a healthy body. The truth is, there isn’t.

Every health education lesson is constructed in almost the same way when it comes to diet. To help children understand nutrition, a large, colorful pyramid which illustrates the proportions of certain food categories, will be explained.

In between the discovery of what’s ‘good’ for our body, we have been thematically ingrained to the overall puzzle of meat, diary, vegetables, grains and fruits – the combination of all of which is a deadly acidic meal. Such is the culprit behind obesity, diseases and falling ill. The Alkaline Diet is a radical departure from the food pyramids, and the right way to start living well.

To restore our health and body, we would need to focus on our diet to balance the pH level. And to do that, an alkaline diet can help you achieve a healthy pH level, rebuild your cells and your tissues, and eventually leading to a healthy body.

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What Is The Alkaline Diet?

Alkaline Diet (also known as Acid Alkaline Diet, Alkaline Acid Diet, or Alkaline Ash Diet) is a dietary procedure based on the consumption of a selection of food, which burns in the body, and leaves ash. The incombustible ash or alkaline residue is composed of minerals rich in calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, and zinc. The burning, in comparison to the catabolism of food, produces waste.

There are three categories, in which the food is classified: alkaline, acid, and neutral. This is determined by the pH levels of the ash, when the diluted in water.

Alkaline Diets puts a large emphasis on eating a variety of fresh vegetables, citrus fruits, nuts, tubers, and legumes, and discourages the consumption of dairy products, grains, meat, and too much salt. The diet creates the minimal alkalinity in blood, ranging from 7.35 to 7.45.

This means the diet maintains the balance of acid-base homeostasis in the blood, which is the balance of acids and bases (commonly known as pH), in the body. Without this balance, the body is unable to sustain itself.

What Happens When Our Body Is Acidic?

To answer that, imagine your body as a receiver of different foods, and the intake of different foods, be it acidic or alkaline, will create a chemical effect that causes the overall pH of our body to fall within a scale. Being acidic means that our body’s pH level is less than optimal. The optimal pH level is around 7.35-7.45, slightly alkaline. This is the best environment for our cells to function well and to fight against harmful diseases.

alkaline diet optimal ph level

Now, our blood creates a pH level of 7.35 – 7.45 in our body and it can hardly goes below 7.35 (but when the pH level goes below 7.35, acidosis occurs). What this means is that in order for it to remain in that alkalinity (pH of 7.35 – 7.45), to prevent acidosis from occurring, it needs to rob minerals from our bones because minerals are alkaline.

That’s why we get osteoporosis, that’s why we get generative diseases, that’s why we get tumors because the body is freaking out trying to keep the blood alkaline.

And according to alternative doctors and practitioners around the world, excess acidity is the most serious of health problems faced by the majority of the world’s population. This is not surprising, due to the amount of acid-forming food, consumed in today’s modern diets. A large number of people around the world are more accustomed to eating food emphasizing on taste, unwilling to know or not knowing the health hazards involved. Culture and habit are large contributing factors, which determine this mindset. The eating of unhealthy fat, protein, processed, sugar, starch, caffeine, and acid rich food, on a regular basis, will ultimately lead to excess acidity. And excess acidity is common factor behind autoimmune and degenerative diseases.


Symptoms of excess acidity are low energy levels and constant fatigue, an excess production of mucous, nasal congestion, chronic viral diseases and infections, anxiety, stress, irritability, fragile nails, weak hair, dry skin, ovarian cysts, benign breast cysts, polycystic ovaries, headaches, arthritis, neuritis, muscle pains, hives, cramps, spasms, indigestion, and gastritis.

Find out more by reading ‘Is your body acidic?

All of which have adverse effects on behavior, emotions, health, and the quality of life. These effects not only affect overall health, but also affect the relationships with both friends and family.

Throughout the ages, man has significantly improved the quality and quantity of the food, thanks to the advent of agriculture. The increased production of refined grains, dairy products, and meat are all testaments to this feat, but progress also comes with a price. Food processing procedures, impure drinking water, contaminated soil, and other modern environmental issues are causing the rise of harmful toxic substances found in our food today. Due to this rise, more and more people are affected, and health issues are sure to follow.

The detoxifying properties of Alkaline Diets are solutions to these problems. These detoxifying properties have the ability to cleanse the blood and regenerate the cells in the body. Yeast, bacteria, fungus, and viruses need acid-based environments to thrive and multiply. However, this is not the case in Alkaline-based environments. Alkaline Diet offers to considerably lessen the chance of experiencing these problems.

The roster of food available in Alkaline Diets has specific roles to play. They are used in treatment, and a source of vitamin and mineral rich nourishment, which is essential to fuel the body. Food in the diet has healing properties, which have been known to be a viable alternative in assisting and stimulating the treatment of coughs, colds, heartburns, sore throats, and gastrointestinal problems.

Food in Alkaline Diets is known for purifying the kidneys, avoiding various kidney problems. Food in the diet is a rich source of calcium, which can be a substitute to many calcium supplements. It also contains a large amount of sodium, which aids in digestion. These are but a fraction of the roles played by food in Alkaline Diets.

Everything You Need To Start The Alkaline Diet Today

Below you’ll find a list of resources that will help you to kick start the alkaline diet and enjoy having the benefits of it.

alkaline diet body phIs Your Body Acidic?

Before you start the alkaline diet, it is good to know your body’s condition so you can set measurable goals and notice any positive effects on your body. It would also give you motivation to commit to the alkaline diet.

There are few ways to find out your body’s acidity level, from your body’s symptoms as well as pH tests.

Click here to find out how acidic is your body

The Alkaline Diet eCourse Preview

The Alkaline Diet Book:

You will discover all the alkaline diet concepts and principles to help you to kick start the alkaline diet lifestyle immediately. Alkalize your body RIGHT AWAY!

Divided into 2 main parts:

The course is divided into 2 main parts. The table of contents will guide you through the alkaline diet in a clear and concise manner. Over 92 pages of jammed packed content..

The Importance Of Acid Alkaline Balance:

Understand the reasons behind why having acid alkaline balance is so important in your body. Discover the causes of illnesses & diseases..

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Analysis:

Applying the acid alkaline concepts to your meals can be difficult and unrealistic for starters. These analysis helps you to understand what are acidic and alkaline meals.

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Chlorophyll, the green pigmentation in plants, is one of the most hugely studied elements of all time, and is used in treating periodontal disease, low iron, diabetes, ulcers, wounds, and body odor. Food, containing chlorophyll, is gaining popularity for its ability in preventing disease, and its alkalizing abilities.

Get our detailed and comprehensive foods list at Alkaline Foods List.

Research Studies on Body pH & Illnesses

A recent 7-year study that was conducted at the University of California (San Francisco), on 9,000 women showed that those who have chronic acidosis are more prone for bone loss, as opposed to those who have normal pH levels. Scientists who conducted this experiment believe that most of the hip fractures common among middle-aged women are connected to high acidity. A diet low in vegetables and rich in animal food cause this. The reason behind this is attributed to the fact that our body borrows calcium from our bones, in order to balance pH – American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Doctors and scientists, around the world, have conducted countless studies proving that the cause of most illnesses, both common and rare, is the effects of imbalanced acidity. On November 13, 1998, a study in New York has shown the value of maintaining pH levels in the body, by Edgar Cayce, a highly regarded researcher in modern holistic medicine. Several people with various health problems like arthritis, high blood pressure, and diabetes were invited to take part in the experiment, all of which were results of excess acidity.

They were initially tested for their acidity levels. Naturally, acid levels were extremely high. They were then instructed to go on a citrus breakfast for 4 days. On November 17, 1998, they were again tested, and showed that they all had healthy alkalinity levels, an average of 7.0 (6.3 to 7.2 is the healthy range). The study has proven the helpful effects of Alkaline Diets, and has shown how the diet dramatically reduces the acidity levels, in the body.

For over a hundred years, researchers, doctors, and scientists have been conducting studies on the effects of acidity in the body. They have all come to a common conclusion. Acid in the body, if left imbalanced, will have perilous effects on the body. The age-old question remains, how do we keep acid levels in our body in check?

You May Be Eating Alkaline Diet The Wrong Way…

Balancing your pH level is far more than just choosing the alkaline foods to eat. Most people thought that just simply eating the alkaline foods would be sufficient and your pH level will return to it’s optimal level.

But this is further from the truth.

You would need to know exactly how to start your alkaline diet in such a way that you would absorbed all the sufficient nutrients, minerals and vitamins. You don’t want to go too alkaline as well such that your body pH level becomes too alkaline and result in alkalosis.

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