Does An Acidic Body Cause You Health Problems?

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“The countless names of illnesses do not really matter. What does matter is that they all come from the same root cause: too much tissue acid waste in the body”,

A very witty statement from Dr. Theodore A. Baroody, author of book Alkalize or Die.

Many factors can contribute to various diseases. But, little is known about the fact that over-acidity causes more illnesses and all boil down to our poor diet and unhealthy standard of living. An enormous problem affecting the 95% of the westernized world and with the percentage of 70% of reported death in United States linking to diet related disease is very alarming and must not be taken for granted.

People are responsible to retain the pH balance of blood, as the main important factor in regulating our body temperature and strengthening bodily functions and systems. A microbiologist, Dr. Young, states that over-acidity can totally interferes with life itself. Losing the alkalinity of the body corrodes body tissue and damage all cellular activities and functions- from breathing, blood circulation, digestion, and hormone production.

As much as our body’s effort to repair itself to neutralize the excess acids, the tendency of borrowing essentials from alkaline reserves and minerals of our body such as calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium are depleted. Thus, acidosis or an acidity of the blood plasma weakens all body systems. In 1933, there was a ground-breaking book published by New York doctor named William Howard Hay pertaining to “autotoxication” or self-poisoning due to high percentage of acid components of food we consume as part of our daily diet.

Here are some of the health problems cause by an acidic body…

  • Overweight and Obesity

It is a well-known fact that acid stored in the fat cells. Do you know that our body has defense mechanism from damaging acid that may enter our body organs? Yes, it is true. Unfortunately, the result of making fat to protect us from overly-acidic becomes a person overweight. Fat cells pack up the acid and keep a safe distance from organs. Should we say thanks to cellulite deposits, or should we say no thanks? Remember, you are what you eat and no one or anything is responsible for what you become, an overweight person trying to look for all possible remedies to lose weight.

  • Underweight

Like pests stealing away the proper nutrition that crops may get, yeast and fungus also act the same way. Acidic environment makes these microbes to reside inside our body and reduces the absorption of all our food consumption by 50%. You can imagine why people are undernourished due to lack of enough vitamins and minerals they should supposed to get with proper intake of alkaline foods.

  • Headache, Low Energy, Fatigue and Stress

These symptoms are one causing factor of an acidic body, far simpler than we previously thought: that only unhealthy food can lead to over-acidity. The more we are stress, the more our body produces more acidic waste. And as our oxygen level drops, viral infections may infect our body system, making us weak, tired, and stress. Physical and mental stress has to relieve with enough rest, exercise, and of course, well and balanced diet. Do not be a slave of stressful lifestyle and let your energy levels plunge into overall feeling of exhaustion. Cheer up and seize life!

  • Allergies

Undigested protein can cause allergies. It is most likely to happen when digestive system is weakened as oxygen deprives alkaline environment. Very common to some people who have food allergies to experience dropping the ph level in their blood and body system.

  • Joint Pain, Arthritis and Osteoporosis

When calcium carbonate is formed inside the body as the result of the positive charged calcium ions looking for acid, and not eliminated due to acidosis, the calcium carbonate is deposited around body joints causing people to have joint pain and arthritis.

Moreover, the combination of two most important minerals like calcium and phosphorus make our bones stay healthy and strong. However, as the body tries to neutralize the excessive quantities of acid, we are losing these important minerals causing a person to suffer from osteoporosis.

  • Constipation

Again, high in fats consumption and low in vegetables, fruits, and acidic foods can cause constipation. It has been proven in research conducted by Dr. Choi, a medical practitioner at the Seoul National Medical University that this ailment can be alleviated with alkaline water. The study was conducted to 15 patients who have problem in bowel movement, and it turned out that after two weeks of drinking alkaline water, 12 patients recovered from constipation.

  • Frequent Colds, Bronchitis, Infections, Headaches

Acidic body weakens the immune system leading to various respiratory tract problems and as the immune system becomes affected, microbes are joyous to irritate and affect the weakened area causing to have headaches, frequent colds, viral infections and bronchitis.

  • Increase in Blood Sugar and Heart Attack

Who would like to experience these symptoms? No one does for sure. It may be true that many factors can contribute to diabetes and heart disease, these health problems can rectify the ph level in blood to function well by eating right. An acid wastes build up in bloodstream are dumped into important organs in the body including the heart organ, causing coronary diseases.

The fast paced modern living exposing us to an acidic environment and encouraging many illnesses to succumb our body can actually be prevented. People can always return to their healthy biological terrain of well oxygenated and alkaline environment against various diseases, provided that they should also watch whatever food they will consume. Billions of cells we have inside our body are slightly alkaline, and therefore, we must keep and maintain the alkalinity in order for us to function well, or else, the poison of acidosis as it becomes body attackers can slowly hit and deteriorate our body system leading to chronic diseases and death.

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    22. May, 2014

    I’ve always been alkaline but I recently had a SVT for several hours and I am having a difficult time getting back to being alkaline. What could this be from?

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