Kangen Water – Health Benefits, Facts & Myths

It is no longer a secret how an ordinary tap water can achieve its alkalinity level by using water ionizer. We all have the access to information regarding the electrolysis process of making alkaline water so that people will no longer be grasping in the dark to know certain information that still puzzles many. The pH level that alkaline water has is its cutting edge among any other filtered water. But what if there is another health claim hurling around the global market that certain “kangen water” is better than alkaline water? How would you know if there is such a difference between the two? With this piece of article, you may draw the demarcation line if there is such a difference between alkaline water and kangen water.

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What is Kangen Water?

Kangen is a Japanese name for “return to the origin” that explains the philosophy of health food. The theory claims that we need both alkalis and acids in order to process foods and for our body to function in order. Scientifically means, “kangen” is for restoring our body in order to gain our balanced state.

It was in 1998 when Dr. Shirata of Kyushu University in Japan, claimed that kangen water is considered miracle water compared to electrolyzed water.  The source of miracle water can only be found in 5 countries including Japan, India, Germany, Mexico and Australia and the healing water is known for many generations. Until now, it remains a mystery why kangen water is called healing water.

The process of making a tap water into kangen water undergoes the process of electrolysis that separates the water into two different entities- acidic water and alkaline water. The kangen water products have smaller molecules that are body can easily absorbed, compared to ordinary tap water or any unprocessed bottled waters which pass through our body without reaching each of the individual cells. It is known for a fact that if we have no proper hydration, our cells can suffer from cellular dehydration which can lead to its tragic death or failure to function.

Health Benefits of Kangen Water

Since our modern lifestyle is responsible for endangering our body’s pH level, we have to do something in order to restore the proper pH level. According to researches conducted in Japan, kangen water is the ideal water for safe drinking that allows the body to absorb all the necessary nutrients faster than any other types of drinking water.

According to proponents of kangen healing water, it is so powerful that it can energize the cells and removes the toxins faster. It can also help the liver, pancreas, and kidneys to function well again. Since the tendency of acidic environment is to take away all the stored minerals in the bones, kangen water can reduce mineral loss from the bone and better in utilizing all the important nutrients by making them bioavailable.

Aside from drinking water, kangen water is also recommended for cleaning fruits and vegetables. It is also prescribed as beauty water since the water is so mild for skin care, especially for disinfection of wounds and sores.

What is the Truth Behind the Kangen Water?

The company Enagic trademarked the term kangen water for exclusive marketing of the company. Meaning to say, there are no other companies are permitted to use the phrase for their alkaline ionized water. Only in 2009, that Enagic released the rights to Sanastec, new player in the United States. But if you may ask whether the process of kangen water has any difference in processing the alkaline water using water ionizer, the answer is NO.

All major companies producing alkaline water has the same technology and machine used to remove the contaminants from the water and produce the same quality of alkaline water with at least 9.5 to gain its antioxidant properties.

The same electrolysis chamber with platinum coated and titanium plates, the same electrolysis process wherein an electrical charge or the soluble minerals is in contact with the plates attracting the negative or positive pole. Finally, the alkaline water is dispensed in one port, while the acidic water is dispensed in another port.

Therefore, Kangen water is one of the brand names of alkaline water with the same health benefits which provide the necessary anti-oxidant properties and other healing benefits. You can also do your own research if the process of making alkaline water using water ionizer is somehow different from making kangen water. Nevertheless, it is just a matter of preference for the consumers which to believe is better between the two. What is more important is that with all of the given benefits of either alkaline or kangen water, people have to settle for what is best for their holistic wellbeing and that is no other than taking care of their pH level.

Water Ionizer – Good Investment for Better Health?

One of the most abundant natural resources we have is water. In fact, the 70% of our body is comprised with water and our brain is also composed of 80% water. For this reason, we can never run out of good water in our body system in order to function well. When we say good water, we are talking about the right water that gives all the health benefits we need.  With that regard, one of the largest trends in alternative medicine is no other than alkaline water.

Yes, alkaline water through electrolysis process has been the subject for scientific study and was proven with its endless health benefits as best for human consumption.  With the use of water ionizer, we can separate the tap water into two different compositions and molecular levels, the alkaline and acidic water.

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Health Benefits of Alkaline Ionized Water

The alkaline ionized water becomes popular with its numerous health benefits that naturally act as natural antioxidant which neutralizes harmful free radicals. It can balance the body’s pH level suited for people who have acidic body. Categorically, an acidic body invites an ideal environment for microorganisms to thrive in and weaken the immune system. Since our body has the power to buffer the effect of acidity, the tendency is the lost of calcium from bones and other minerals essential for body function. Likewise, the acidic wastes are stored in fatty tissues resulting from gaining excess weight and other underlying diseases. As for the result, the chances that cancerous cells may appear are too high that even our organs can degenerate and break down.

Nevertheless, since ionized water is very alkaline, it can dissolve those accumulated acid wastes and can restore the pH balance to its normal function. Many significant studies also showed how alkaline ionized water can reduce the blood glucose concentration for diabetic patient.

What is the difference between water filter and water ionizer?

Do not be mistaken on the difference between water ionizer and water filters because the edge of the water ionizer is that it has already undergone a scientific alteration to become alkalized and ionized. The tap water consists of 12-24 molecules while the processed water using water ionizer provides small cluster of only 4-6 molecules per cluster. What is the implication of having smaller water cluster to health? Our body can rehydrate much faster if it absorbed smaller molecules through the cell’s wall so detoxification and cleansing diet is easier. Moreover, water ionizer can leave the active hydrogen molecules which bond with reactive oxygen species molecules- the free radicals. These free radicals are responsible in premature aging and damaging the DNA and RNA which contributes to several diseases.

How does water ionizer work?

The unit is attached to the water supply and water enters the chamber undergoes the ionization process that changes the original molecular structure of water and turns it into an alkaline water. The primary task of the ionizer is to filter all the harmful components in the water using the multistage carbon filter containing coral calcium and tourmaline. Then a small electrical charge is also introduced through the platinum-coated titanium electrodes.

The process of water electrolysis takes place in patented chamber which is specifically designed to separate the water into 2 streams. It can produce reduced water with higher pH value of more than 7 that turns it into alkaline water.  It is reduced water as it leaves the electrolysis chamber the molecules of water that have been restructured. The positive and negative electrodes entered into the water and each are attracted to one another. The alkaline water becomes ideal for drinking and other uses, while the acidic water can still be used for watering plants and cleaning purposes.

Choosing the Best Water Ionizer

Water ionizer is a piece of investment for your health so you have to make sure to get what you pay for. So, there are several aspects you have to look for your brand: the parts, full service warranties, and efficiency of the machine. Remember that the plate size matters a lot in a way that the longer the water remains within the surface area, the greater quality you can get from your water source. In short, the larger the surface of the plate, the better it can produce a quality alkaline water. The plate material must be made with platinum material and titanium for safer use. The oxidation reduction potential (ORP) is responsible for creating anti-oxidant properties and the lower the negative number, the better it can be with its sanitizing properties. Lastly, the most recommended pH level for your drinking water is roughly 9.5 pH level.

The prices vary on the brand. You may compare prices available online and make sure to check the specifications and read the consumer’s comments or ratings. To give you an idea, here are the 5-star rating water ionizers you can have as your options:

  1. Enagic Leveluk SD501 – one of the expensive water ionizers in the market but the unit has good features with 7 titanium plates and still uses the traditional transformer.
  2. Life Ionizer 4100 – it is recommended for household use as it offers low-cost solutions for home owners with only minimal requirements and yet it retains good and advanced features.
  3. Life Ionizer 8000 – this is the first under-the-counter water ionizer that hit the market sometime in 2009. The package comes with a custom pre-filter with 2 interior filters, stainless steel faucet, and an organic vitamin C component for chloramines and chlorine removal.
  4. Life Ionizer 3000 – one of the most affordable water ionizers and yet it comes with very good features like the filtration attachment for the faucet to divert the filtered tap water directly into the system.
  5. AlkaFresh MiniMax – has a competitive price with 5 platinum titanium plates that can be adjusted to 250 watts of power, automatic pH display and control, and the color LCD display comes in full size.

Our today’s age is exposed to acidic material we accumulate in our environment and the food we eat over a long period of time causing underlying illnesses. We can combat free radicals by keeping the alkalinity of our body in order to maintain the overall wellness. It may seem overwhelming to have expensive water ionizer but the benefits it can provide are certainly priceless. Therefore, when it comes to your health, your investment to water ionizer is really worth your money, without any doubt.

Stomach Acid Truths, Myths and Remedies

There are so many misconceptions hurling around the diet corner regarding the debate on whether foods can affect the acid alkaline level of the body. There are some people who have stomach acid which only take antacid medication. However, others believe in alkaline diet proponents who are recommending a healthy lifestyle and proper alkaline diet which are the best options to overcome an acidic stomach.

On the contrary, there are also claims that an acid/alkaline theory is purely nonsense because according to some critics, no matter how acidic or alkaline a certain food could be, it cannot change the alkaline/acid level of the urine.

Anything that leaves the stomach becomes acidic due to its acidic environment. After foods leave the stomach and enter the intestines whereas secretions from the pancreas neutralize the acid, then it becomes alkaline. No food can change the process but instead, it is our kidneys and lungs that are the chief responsible in maintaining the pH of our blood and body.  With that regard, this piece of article will shed light to our valued readers how a certain food can affect the acid and alkalinity of our body.

What is stomach acid?

If we will go back to digestion process, all foods we consume need to break down into usable body nutrients and the whole process always starts in the stomach which secretes an acid in order to digest foods. It is actually the cells which is called oxyntic cells or parietal cells which is responsible in excreting stomach acid and raises the acidity level in the stomach which can denature the proteins in food.

Secretion of acid or known as gastric acid in this case is necessary. It plays as our protective mechanisms in our stomach and the intestine that are responsible to balance the acid levels. The acid consists of hydrochloric acid with enough content of potassium chloride as well as sodium chloride. The normal acid has a pH level of 1-2 and can go higher during digestion process. The stomach acid has to work together with the enzymes so that the nourishment can be fully utilized which aids our body to function accordingly.

Another important function of stomach acid is its vital action to safeguard our immune system   against harmful bacteria which we are getting from the foods we eat. An acidic environment can kill harmful bacteria and other forms of microorganisms. Therefore, people with low stomach acid production can be subjected to beset by harmful bacteria and micro-organisms.

What is the implication of excessive production of stomach acid?

Given the fact that stomach acid has to be secreted for proper digestion, however, since the acid is so strong and the undiluted materials can be burned like a burning wood which can affect the lining of the stomach. So, when the stomach produces excessive acid, this is where a certain condition may experience such as heartburn, dyspepsia (feeling of fullness and nausea), non-ulcer dyspepsia, duodenal ulcer, gastric ulcer, and acid reflux.

Excess stomach maybe rooted from several factors. Eating too much causes stomach acid production and to counteract the negative effect of consuming big meals, you may start eating small amount of food to lessen the secretion of acid during digestion. High fat meals such as meat can also trigger so much acid in stomach because these types of food are stored in the stomach longer before our digestive tract can fully digest them and eliminate.

How alkaline diet can help to reduce the excess acid in stomach?

The most holistic approach to reduce excess acid in stomach is through alkaline diet. Proponents of alkaline diet recommend that our nutrition can directly affect the acid alkaline level of our body. For those people who are not aware of the terms alkaline and acid, let us draw a demarcation line between the two. An acid is the substance which releases hydrogen into a certain solution (the blood, body fluid, etc). While on the other hand, an alkaline is the one which removes the hydrogen from a solution. When we try to measure the scale of hydrogen from 1-14, this is what we called pH level. It denotes the exact measure or level of an alkaline and acid. If your pH level is below 7, that is considered an acidic whereas 7 and above is considered alkaline.

During the digestion process, the acid alkaline balance of our body is greatly affected with the secretions of the pancreas and stomach which is also absorbed into the bloodstream. Again, after the consumption of food, the stomach has to secrete the hydrochloric acid and the pancreas has to secrete bicarbonate that can neutralize the gastric acid so the so called pancreatic enzymes can work well. In order to reduce the acid reflux, a proper diet has to be taken into consideration.

Choosing highly alkaline foods, you may not worry anymore regarding the excessive production of the stomach acid. Moreover, keeping your body in alkaline level can help you to protect the immune system against simple colds, flue and other illnesses.

How to classify alkaline/acid foods?

To classify an acidic food, we have to remember that any food that increases the acidity of our urine after the consumption is classified as acid forming food. Vice versa if the food we consume increases the alkalinity of the urine, and then it is classified as alkaline forming food. One thing that needs a clarification is that the effect of certain foods in urine does not have to do with the pH level of the food itself. Like for example, lemon is considered a highly acidic food base on its citrus acid content. Nevertheless, after being metabolized, lemon will become alkaline. So, lemon is considered as highly alkaline food on the contrary to its nature.

You may want to ask what are considered acid forming foods, here are the list for your reference: corn, most grains, fish, meat organ meats such as organ, eggs, gravy, processed foods, wine, yogurt with active cultures, buttermilk, sour cream, fermented foods, aged cheese, vitamin B complex, hydrochloric acid supplements, and soft water, coffee, plums, prunes, and cranberries.

On the other hand, alkaline forming foods are as follows: fruits not mentioned above such bananas, lemons, and watermelon, dandelion greens, figs, barley, alfalfa sprouts, broccoli, cucumber, kale, parsley, sea vegetables and grasses such as wheatgrass.

How to know if you have an excess stomach acid?

To know if your stomach has too much acid, a doctor may perform a stomach acid test. The process is done after not eating for a certain period of time wherein all the fluid dominated and remained in the stomach. Then inserting a food pipe, the fluid is removed to test the ability of cells and the acidity level around the stomach and carefully examined. Another process to test the acid stomach is through insulin-induced hypoglucemia, whereas, the insulin is injected through a vein or under the skin. The process will definitely cause the blood sugar to decrease and to enable the vagus nerve

(part of the brain stem that wanders down to the colon) to stimulate the discharge of gastric. Then after a short period of time, sample stomach contents are being analyzed.

If you wonder why certain procedure has to be conducted, there are some possible reasons why. First, it is necessary to check if people suffering from ulcer are responding to anti-ulcer medications given to them. Another reason is to check if the stomach material is coming back up which comes from the small intestine. Likewise, the stomach acid test is also done to further evaluate the possible cause of not absorbing the nutrients from the intestines. Lastly, checking the acidity level in stomach can determine the main cause of ulcer.

It is worth taking a note that from the results that would come up from the stomach acid test, doctors can draw possible prognosis such as:

  • If a person has decreased level of stomach acid, it may cause the malabsorption of important nutrients that our body needs.
  • If a person has increased level of stomach acid, it may lead to certain type of ulcer like Zollinger-Ellison syndrome. ZES is a rare disorder of tumors appeared in the pancreas of duodenum which may cause the stomach to produce excess acid leading to peptic ulcers. The tumors can spread to some other areas of the body which can be cancerous and deadly.
  • If a person is found to have the presence of bile in his or her stomach, it may indicate that the stomach material is backing up coming from the small intestine. This is a usual case to patients who underwent a partial gastrectomy. The operation involves removal of some part or the whole part of the stomach performed to patients who have cancer of the stomach, gastric ulcer, or hole in the stomach wall.

New Nutrigenomics Tells What Diet Can Prevent Disease

Worry no more because the introduction of genomics will fulfill its promise to restore the health of people.

As we live in a world where the only constant thing is change, people would have wanted a kind of change that would promise for a bright future in every aspects of life. You may think it is almost impossible to believe but if there is any chance or even just a string of hope, the human being would still hold on to that.

Just recently, Kansas State University supported the claims of many researchers regarding the potential of nutrigenomics to offer wealth of benefits in preventing any diet-related diseases. It is a new medical breakthrough of studying the genetic make up of individual and tailoring specific diet accordingly. A fast-moving field of medical studies of nutrigenomics connects genetics and nutrition to regulate genes function that will trigger to act in a healthy way.

Nutrition as we all know is the study of food and utilization of diet by which our body breaks down the food or drink we consumed. On the other hand, human genome in simple term is the hereditary information encoded in DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid- genetic instructions in the development of all living organisms).

It is the DNA in an organism which genes are included. It carries information for making all the proteins and determines how the organism looks and how the body fights infection. By knowing the effects of DNA variations, this may lead to new ways to treat future chronic disorders that can harm us.

What we do not realize is that by eating specific food, we can achieve our genetic potential to stop any illnesses before they can occur. Yes, it is not in any forms of medicine, but instead it relies in the precise nutrition recommended for you.

In light of this, in one interview conducted to Dr. Ahmed El-Sohemy who currently holds a Canada Research Chair in Nutrigenomics, he explained that each person responds differently from the others in terms of how genes impact our responses to the food we take.

As an example, the result of caffeinated coffee intake can either lower or increase the risk of heart attacks. The study was published in the Journal of American Medical Association. Those who have slow gene that breaks down caffeine (CYP1A2) have the high risk of heart attack and vice versa. In other words, drinking caffeinated coffee is not good for everyone especially to those who are slow metabolizer of caffeine.

Another interesting study of intervention on genotypes is the ability of fish oil to lower blood lipids. It turned out that particular version of PPARG to a person can respond to lowering effects of fish oil. Peroxisome proliferators-activated receptor gamma (PPARG) regulates glucose metabolism and fatty acid storage. The said effect maybe helpful in the vast majority but likewise different for those who have APOE (Apolipoprotein E) gene which is important in lipoprotein metabolism and cardiovascular ailments.

Furthermore, green tea as well-known to its purported health attributes may also have different reaction to people depending on how certain individual can break down the compounds slowly and do not need to take as much to get the same benefits.

Please take note that specific foods to eat could be tailored by nutritional professionals based on your genetic make up after the genome has been mapped by health experts. Researchers are currently working on these to support their medical studies with the collaborative effort from different industries of genetics, public health and food science.

Culinary department on the other hand will have to face the challenge to create nutritional food without sacrificing the good taste and appeal of the product.

In the next few years to come, advances in medicine and great sagas in the advent of genomics will provide an opportunity to shape the future of nutrition that will restore health and prolong life. With fervent hope, may this revolutionary breakthrough can bring changes to our health and well-being forever.