Kangen Water – Health Benefits, Facts & Myths

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It is no longer a secret how an ordinary tap water can achieve its alkalinity level by using water ionizer. We all have the access to information regarding the electrolysis process of making alkaline water so that people will no longer be grasping in the dark to know certain information that still puzzles many. The pH level that alkaline water has is its cutting edge among any other filtered water. But what if there is another health claim hurling around the global market that certain “kangen water” is better than alkaline water? How would you know if there is such a difference between the two? With this piece of article, you may draw the demarcation line if there is such a difference between alkaline water and kangen water.

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What is Kangen Water?

Kangen is a Japanese name for “return to the origin” that explains the philosophy of health food. The theory claims that we need both alkalis and acids in order to process foods and for our body to function in order. Scientifically means, “kangen” is for restoring our body in order to gain our balanced state.

It was in 1998 when Dr. Shirata of Kyushu University in Japan, claimed that kangen water is considered miracle water compared to electrolyzed water.  The source of miracle water can only be found in 5 countries including Japan, India, Germany, Mexico and Australia and the healing water is known for many generations. Until now, it remains a mystery why kangen water is called healing water.

The process of making a tap water into kangen water undergoes the process of electrolysis that separates the water into two different entities- acidic water and alkaline water. The kangen water products have smaller molecules that are body can easily absorbed, compared to ordinary tap water or any unprocessed bottled waters which pass through our body without reaching each of the individual cells. It is known for a fact that if we have no proper hydration, our cells can suffer from cellular dehydration which can lead to its tragic death or failure to function.

Health Benefits of Kangen Water

Since our modern lifestyle is responsible for endangering our body’s pH level, we have to do something in order to restore the proper pH level. According to researches conducted in Japan, kangen water is the ideal water for safe drinking that allows the body to absorb all the necessary nutrients faster than any other types of drinking water.

According to proponents of kangen healing water, it is so powerful that it can energize the cells and removes the toxins faster. It can also help the liver, pancreas, and kidneys to function well again. Since the tendency of acidic environment is to take away all the stored minerals in the bones, kangen water can reduce mineral loss from the bone and better in utilizing all the important nutrients by making them bioavailable.

Aside from drinking water, kangen water is also recommended for cleaning fruits and vegetables. It is also prescribed as beauty water since the water is so mild for skin care, especially for disinfection of wounds and sores.

What is the Truth Behind the Kangen Water?

The company Enagic trademarked the term kangen water for exclusive marketing of the company. Meaning to say, there are no other companies are permitted to use the phrase for their alkaline ionized water. Only in 2009, that Enagic released the rights to Sanastec, new player in the United States. But if you may ask whether the process of kangen water has any difference in processing the alkaline water using water ionizer, the answer is NO.

All major companies producing alkaline water has the same technology and machine used to remove the contaminants from the water and produce the same quality of alkaline water with at least 9.5 to gain its antioxidant properties.

The same electrolysis chamber with platinum coated and titanium plates, the same electrolysis process wherein an electrical charge or the soluble minerals is in contact with the plates attracting the negative or positive pole. Finally, the alkaline water is dispensed in one port, while the acidic water is dispensed in another port.

Therefore, Kangen water is one of the brand names of alkaline water with the same health benefits which provide the necessary anti-oxidant properties and other healing benefits. You can also do your own research if the process of making alkaline water using water ionizer is somehow different from making kangen water. Nevertheless, it is just a matter of preference for the consumers which to believe is better between the two. What is more important is that with all of the given benefits of either alkaline or kangen water, people have to settle for what is best for their holistic wellbeing and that is no other than taking care of their pH level.

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