Garlic Oil Prevents Heart Attack from Diabetes as New Research Claimed

When my grandmother was still alive, she used to ask me for garlic whenever she was experiencing high blood. I find it weird because aside from the fact that garlic is used in cooking which has pungent and strong odor, garlic is also used in fiction to scare vampires. So, all the while, I used to tease my grandmother that vampires may not haunt us with the smell of garlic in her mouth. Now, I know why. With the new and promising research made which brings hope to humankind, it brings something to look forward to like a certain medical findings that can improve the life of diabetic people.

Among the many serious health conditions, diabetes is one of the life threatening diseases. Majority of us can surely relate how diabetes can burden lives as we witness how one of the family members, friends, anyone close to you, or even yourself is threatened with the complications it may cause such as heart failure, damaged vision, nerve pain and many disheartening underlying complications. So therefore, the recent medical research published and revealed in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry shows a very promising and natural way to prevent the potential heart problems that can weaken the heart muscle.  The answer is the garlic oil. Yes, the garlic oil that is commonly used in any cuisine. Hence, let us all learn how garlic oil can be best remedy and prevention to diabetes.

Recent Published Research about Garlic Oil

The team effort of the scientists from Chung Shan Medical University and China Medical University noted how patients with diabetes have two times the risk of dying from heart disease as the main culprit of any diabetes-related deaths. The head of the new research, Wei-Wen Kuo stated that based from the data gathered from previous studies, it shows that garlic, in general, can protect people from heart disease as it can control the abnormal rise of blood sugar levels of diabetic. Further research has been made to prove that the garlic can really provide numerous heart benefits and can prevent the deadly cause of diabetic cardiomyopathy (DCM), clinical condition of ventricular dysfunction in the absence of atherosclerosis ( build up of cholesterol) and hypertension. Rats with diabetes are the subjects of the study. The rodents were fed corn oil and garlic oil and as expected, the subjects who were given garlic oil showed changes in their cardiovascular health and the changes can be directly associated to heart disease prevention.

Healthy Substance of Garlic Oil

Scientists found abundant and potent antioxidant properties in garlic, approximately 20 substances that may protect the heart from any cardiovascular diseases. Garlic is one of the oldest cultivated plants used in culinary and medicinal uses. Widely recognized as natural antibiotic and antiseptic as it prevents, heals, and ease various illnesses. The allium sativum, the bulb of garlic contains the medicinal substances. It contains a volatile oil with allin which component is decomposed and crushes into allicin and gives its particular and unique scent. Another important health substances of garlic are vitamins such as A,B1,B2 and vitamin C; essential minerals like potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, and calcium; trace elements including manganese, cobalt, and copper; and some important components of saponins, phenolic acids, glucosinolates, and flavonoids.

To know more of the health aspects of garlic, here are some of the reported research based benefits you can get from this medicinal plant:

  • Garlic is found as great solution in slowing the growth of viruses, fungi, and bacteria and used as remedy for head colds, intestinal ailments, and dermal fungal. Garlic is also known as natural antibiotics that can fight E.coli (bacterium found in lower intestine) and staphyloccus (bacterium cause of staph infections) because the use and consumption of garlic can strengthen our resistance to infection.
  • Garlic shows positive correlation in blood vessels. Regular uses and consumption can facilitate blood flow, effectively elevates fat in bloodstream, and lowers the blood pressure. It also prevents creation of blood clots and platelet aggregation that may lead to the verge of heart attack, strokes, and thrombosis. It was proven that 2 grams of garlic daily and taken for four consecutive months can normalize the elevated cholesterol and blood pressure by 12 percent.
  • The allicin compound can break the considered harmful fats that build up on artery walls. Regular consumption of foods with garlic can prevent atherosclerosis, a medical condition which affects the arterial blood vessels that hardened the arteries causing the formation of plaques within the artery walls.
  • The antioxidant effects of garlic can protect our body from any destructive effects of the damaging free radicals which causes premature aging and various health diseases. An American study proved on their medical research that the an average of 3.5 and almost 28grams of fresh garlic can reduce the risk of intestinal cancer by 75% and stomach cancer by 50% as garlic can have good effects in digestion process by relieving cramps and bloating and protects the stomach from any malignant diseases.
  • Other uses of garlic are for relieving rheumatic pain, treatment of bronchitis, prevention of fever, and consume as diuretic.

Too much of garlic can be poisonous. I guess this is applicable to all, right? Too much of everything can be lethal to life, same thing goes with large doses of garlic. The sulfur-containing compound of garlic can have diverse effects to human such as stomach ulcers, vertigo, anemia, suppression of testicular functions, and bronchial asthma. Take note also that people suffering from hemophilia (hereditary disorder which impairs the body to control the blood clotting) are not advised to take garlic medicinally. Experts only recommend 2-5 grams of garlic daily; for garlic oil, it should be 2-5 milligrams; 0.4-12 grams for powdered garlic, and 300-1000 milligrams for garlic extract.

Garlic – Alkaline Superfoods?

Who would have thought that garlic can be a very important crop for human beings despite its small size? Because of its manifold medicinal properties and health benefits, it has been considered a wonder drug by people around the world. This crop belongs to the Allium vegetable family which includes leeks, shallots, chives and onions.

In fact, it has also been used in herbal medicine also called as phytotherapy. If you are losing your confidence because of acne, you don’t have to worry about because it has also been proven that raw garlic is good to treat it. Are mosquitoes always disturbing your sleep at night? Then with the help of garlic they will surely not come back anymore because it is also known as a great mosquito repellent. If you have heart problems, garlic is the one you need because it promotes the strength and well-being of your heart thus, maintaining blood circulation. In order for you not to catch diseases easily, this also enhances your immune system.

Since garlic is always used in cooking meals, you are rest assured that garlic a day, will keep any disease away. In accordance with a study conducted, organically grown garlic contains a high level of sulphur which has a great health benefit. This sulphur content is referred to as the allicin which is produced when the garlic is bruised, chewed or chopped. According to studies of experts, a total of 1 milligram can equal 15 penicillin standards units.

Do you suffer from high blood pressure because of too much cholesterol in your body? Then garlic can help you out of it because there are up to 12 published studies confirming that this can also efficiently reduce cholesterol.

Aged garlic is also a great super food which has a very powerful antioxidant boosting the body’s resistance against the damaging effects of free radicals which triggers aging. According to consumers, organic garlic also tastes better than those conventionally-grown ones. Recently, researchers from America and Oxford have just published summaries about the healthy and surprising benefits of garlic. It was stated therein that garlic has power in promoting interleukin-1 levels, stimulating macrophage action and T-lymphocyte and supporting killer cells that are natural. These key cells on their strong activity were proven to strengthen body defences and promote the function of the immune system.

Lentils – The Ideal Superfood

Health practitioner Dr. Perricone, one of the regular contributors in, shared to the world his super food list which included beans and lentils on the number four position; and ranked number two on the United States Department of Department of Agriculture’s Food Guide Pyramid.

Therefore, this article will bring to everyone’s attention the reason behind all the health claims on lentils and its promising attributes like other super foods.

Lentils are legumes same with other types of beans which are grown in ponds in countries such as Central Asia and India. The size of one or two seeds can be compared to the tips of pencil eraser with an oval or heart-shape. Lentils are available in different colors like green, brown, yellow, red, orange, and black. The green and brown lentils can retain their shape after being cooked as to compare with other variants and the taste features a nutty flavor.


These lentil seeds are the first source of foods dating back 8000 years. In fact, lentils were mentioned in the Holy Bible as an item that Jacob traded for his birthright. During the explorations of cultural tribes in Africa and Europe, lentils are also eaten together with wheat and barley. The lentils were also introduced in India and become their famous dish. One of the best traditional cuisines is known as dal or spiced lentil dish as their source of balanced diet which only contain little or no meat.

Nutrition Facts of Lentils

What is in lentils that make it super food? Just imagine that lentils lack only 2 essential amino acids in order to complete the 20 amino acids that we need in our body. Lentils are low in fat, high in fiber, and low in calories (230 calories for cup of cooked lentils) which are best option for dieters. The lentil seeds can aid digestion process and stabilize the blood sugar for its potential to lower the glycemic index and prevents blood sugar to rise rapidly after eating.

In addition, lentils are also rich in thiamin or vitamin B1, high in folate content or vitamin B6, loaded with minerals such as magnesium, calcium, manganese, phosphorus and iron.

Take note that magnesium, the natural calcium channel blocker, has an essential role to keep our heart healthy. Enough supply of magnesium can relax the arteries, lessen resistance, and tremendously improves the oxygen, blood flow and nutrients. Likewise, lentils are energy booster and can replenish iron stores. Some people regarded lentils as best alternative for iron meat because of its low calories and fat content.

Lastly, the high amount of tryptophan, a kind of amino acid can help to produce protein when combine to other amino acids. This tryptophan is known for anti-depression and can induce good sleep because it serves as a precursor for melatonin and serotonin of the brain. Another significant compound found in lentils is called molyddenum which function is to catalyze important chemical reactions in metabolism.

Research-based health benefits of lentils

A study published in the Internal Medicine Archives regarding any diet high in fiber, such as lentils, can prevent heart disease by 82%. To elaborate further the claim, there was a long study that took 25 years to conduct among 16,000 middle-aged men in different countries like Japan, Greece, Yugoslavia, Finland, and United States whereas diet patterns of selected participants were analyzed and the risk of death from heart disease.

They found on the data gathered that legumes can reduce the risk of heart disease by 82%. Other interesting results were revealed that among the countries participated in the study, United States got the highest percentage when it comes to meat consumption; Northern Europe for dairy products consumption; Southern Europe for legumes, vegetables, fish and wine consumption; and lastly, Japan for fish, soy products, and cereals consumption. It maybe assumed the lifestyle and culture of these countries play the major role on the health status of their citizens.

In Canada, there were clinical studies conducted by University of Saskatchewan, the potential of lentils as a performance enhancer in sports. The preliminary results showed that athletes performed much better and gained more endurance after consuming lentils in comparison with eating pasta. The underlying principle is the ability of lentils which provides slow and sustained release of energy to muscles.

Therefore, the research team tries to measure how lentils were absorbed by athlete participants by testing their muscle biopsy, carbon dioxide and oxygen. With this, more Canadian firms are willing to invest on sports energy with lentil content if proven that the study is conclusive and proves its promising health benefits to athletes. They are looking forward to manufacture energy bar and cereals which are lentil-based.

Storage of Lentils

You can purchase lentils in prepackaged containers or bulk bins but make sure that these are tightly covered and with good product turn over to ensure the freshness. Storage of lentils is best recommended to place in an airtight container, dry, and dark place. Normally, the shelf life can be lasted for 12 months, but to make sure, look for the expiration date placed on the label.

Of course, if you do not opt to stock lentils in containers or bulk bins, try to look for canned lentils that can be found on your local supermarket. However, any vegetables in the form of canning can lower the nutritional value compared with fresh vegetables.

Ways to Cook Lentils

Lentils are ready to cook and no need to soak in water for hours before cooking. However, you still need to sort these out to remove few small pebbles that come with the lentils. To easily remove the small stones, use light colored plate to easily distinguish the debris. Then, transfer the lentils in a strainer and wash them thoroughly with water.

Here are some ways to cook lentils:

  • Best combination that vegetarian may consider on their diet could be organic brown rice and lentils if they are particular to get enough protein on their meal.
  • For cold salad, simply combine cooked lentils with chopped sweet peppers and other healthy vegetable toppings of your choice. To add some flavor, you can season your cold salad with herbs and spices.
  • Another way to prepare this legume is by tossing the cooked lentils, broccoli florets, and leeks to buckwheat soba noodles. To add flavor, dress with ginger, garlic and olive oil.
  • The famous lentil soup is very easy to prepare. Simply add vegetables of your choice with cooked lentils cayenne pepper, turmeric, cumin, coriander, and coriander.

Minor Issue on Lentils

Lentils contain natural substances called purines which are commonly found in the body cells of humans, animals and plants.  The health implication of purines is the development of high uric acid when these purines have been broken down as the body cells die and regenerated. Uric acid plays very important role to prevent damage in blood vessels. Our kidneys are responsible to maintain the uric acid level, and some foods may trigger the uric acid to rise and when uric acid crystals build up, it causes gouty arthritis and the formation of kidney stones. If a person is having these two symptoms, lentils are not being recommended to prevent the aggravation of health condition.Concentrated amounts of purines are also found in high-protein foods like kidney, mackerel, sardines, mussles, and yeast.

The beneficial phytochemicals and multi-faceted nutrition with its preventive health attributes give a rationale why lentils occupy the one of the highest echelons on super foods list, and not to mention the versatility of lentils that can be added in various cuisines. The wonder benefits of this super food are undisputed, and with more refined studies, sooner or later, lentils will reveal more of its potential in the field of alternative medicine.

Dragon Fruits – An Exotic Fruit for your Alkalizing Needs

Its appearance alone is enough to rouse your curiosity. On the outside, it has a pinkish and somewhat red color. When you finally take a bite of its juicy goodness, you can see a tasty combination of white with tiny dotted black seeds. The taste? Not only will it create a whirling sensation in your mouth, it will also give you the sugar fix you need for the day.

The fruit I’m talking about is none other than Dragon fruit, which is the produce of the dragon fruit plant is equally stunning. About a footlong, this cactus has a yellowish white flower that only blooms during dusk and closes by the crack of dawn. In some cultures, it is even revered and considered to have a spiritual presence!

The Curious Appearance of Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruits—also called pitaya fruit–aren’t as common as other fruits, like apples and oranges. You might have never seen or heard of the fruit yourself until today! For that reason, the appearance of the dragon fruit may genuinely strike your curiosity.

With an oblong shape and sharp but harmless green thorns, the dragon fruit is completely edible once you peel off the outer skin. As you eat your first dragon fruit, you may not be all that excited at the thought of eating something that has so many seeds.

After you take your first bite, all your inhibitions will surely be put to rest! Not only is it refreshingly sweet, it is also packed with many nutrients. A few of them are Riboflavin (B2), Thiamine (B1), Protein, Carbohydrates, Calcium, Iron, Vitamin C, and Carotene. Not a lot of fruits contains this much vitamins and minerals!

The Alkalizing Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit

The nutritional value of a dragon fruit is enough reason for you to try this fruit, or even regularly include them in your list of fruits.

One of the popular health benefits of dragon fruit is that it can lower blood sugar levels, which is especially helpful for people who suffer from Type 2 Diabetes. As you well know, Type 2 Diabetes is closely tied with the acid-alkaline imbalance in your body caused by a highly acidic diet. By eating dragon fruit, you are basically restoring the balance and helping your body root out the acid toxins. Of course, this must also be supplemented by a decrease of acid-forming foods in your daily diet.

Another excellent benefit you can get from eating dragon fruit is the hydration of your body. We often forget the rules of drinking healthy, but fruits like this one will help you make out for the lack of water in your diet. In no time, you will notice your skin having that refreshing glow. When your body is in its natural pH balance, your skin will have a smooth and glowing quality—something that eating dragon fruit can help you with.

Like most fruits, dragon fruit is also fibrous. With a healthy amount of fiber, you can take away the acid toxins that are stored in your body, purging out these harmful substances by excreting them. Without fibrous and alkalizing vegetables and fruits, these toxins will stay in your body and cause hyper acidity—which is in itself the least of evils that these toxins can do to your health. As a natural antioxidant, it also has the ability of repelling toxins from even penetrating your body!

Before you even reason out that these benefits can arguably be done by other fruits as well, consider these other health benefits of eating dragon fruits:

  • They can increase your appetite, especially during days where you simply don’t feel like eating.
  • With the proteins contained in dragon fruits, your metabolism will also be enhanced.
  • They can speed up the recovery of bruises and cuts.
  • By protecting your brain cells, your memory is improved.

Finding Dragon Fruits

Dragon fruits are known to originate in South America, specifically Argentina and Peru. However, it has also been grown in other places around the world, such as Vietnam, Texas, Thailand, and Philippines. They grow best in tropical and sub tropical climate; if the climate in your place fits its needs, then you should consider growing your own dragon fruit plant!

In looking for dragon fruits, you may notice certain differences. That’s because there are three varieties: hylocereus, hylocereus polyrhizus, and selinecereus megalanthus. The differences mainly lie in their appearances. Hylocerus has the conventional red and pinkish skin, with white juicy flesh. Hylocerus polyrhizus, on the other hand, has the same color of skin as hylocerus but has red flesh. The last, selinecerus megalanthus, has white flesh and yellow skin.

Eating Dragon Fruit

Perhaps now that you’re convinced that dragon fruits truly are appetizing, your next question is how to eat them. Getting through the layer of thorns on its skin may sound impossible to go through at first, but preparing dragon fruit is actually easy.

First, make sure that the fruit is already ripe by its softness. When it’s relatively soft, it is ready for consumption. You simply slice the pitaya fruit vertically. After this, you simply scoop the flesh with a spoon, the same way you would eat papaya or star fruit. Don’t even try to take out the dragon fruit seeds—they are completely edible and even have nutrients themselves! Now, if you want to share the dragon fruit among your friends, you can simply slice them into thin pieces and eat each slice with a teaspoon.

Enjoying Dragon Fruits in Other Ways

You can enjoy dragon fruits in more ways than one. It’s been done before: dragon fruit juice, dragon fruit smoothies, dragon fruit salad, and so many other recipes. You are free to get creative and experiment the numerous scrumptious ways of eating dragon fruit.

You can even mix it with other fruits, such as lemon and kiwi. In making dragon fruit juice, you can add in a slice of lemon to achieve a sweet and sour taste. This drink will even be more alkalizing, as lemon remains to be one of the best alkaline-forming fruits. You can also prepare dragon fruit salad by throwing in some kiwi slices and lemon salad dressing. You’ll be surprised at how tasty and healthy this combination is!

Chlorella and Spirulina – The Superfoods

Many health experts are now recognizing the importance of algae-related plants including super foods to a person’s diet. Two of the most well established super foods are chlorella and spirulina.

These algae-related plants can be found in fresh water areas like ponds and lakes. They are considered “super foods” or the best food in the world because of its capacity to provide humans and animals an extremely high nutritional value that can actually prevent, treat and even reverse various types of illnesses.

These super foods are essential in our body because they are genuine whole foods. By incorporating these two in your diet, you can gain high amount of nutritional content. Chlorella and spirulina are both high in proteins. It even surpasses the availability of protein found in beef, which is considered as the number one source of protein.

There are also various vitamins and minerals present in these two. But it is not the volume that makes these two unique; it is their capacity to provide natural vitamins and minerals that cannot be found in synthetic supplements. Aside from the usual nutritional value that chlorella and spirulina supplies, these two are also rich in chlorophyll, which is the best form of cleanser in the body.

As indicated above, chlorella and spirulina provide various health benefits to our body that can help us prevent, treat and reverse different types of illnesses.

With its ability to stimulate and boost your immune system, chlorella and spirulina can reduce your risk of acquiring fatal illnesses such as cancer and AIDS. Moreover, since it has the richest amount of chlorophyll in the world, these super foods are also helpful in cleansing and detoxifying our body, specifically by eliminating heavy metals found in our system.

Chlorella and spirulina can also help in treating and preventing the occurrence of obesity, diabetes, hypoglycemia, arthritis, depression, liver failure, ulcers, asthma, hemorrhoids, high blood pressure, constipation, bleeding gums, inflammation of joints and tissues, degenerative diseases and mineral deficiencies.

Specifically, chlorella and spirulina are mostly helpful for those individuals with poor digestion and vitality, individuals who are prone to eating high amount of processed foods, people who are obese, and people with low energy levels. By simply including these two in your daily diet, you can ensure a healthy lifestyle in no time.

Because the importance of chlorella in the body is something that cannot be ignored, it is a must for people to see to it whether they are getting the right amount of this nutrient in their diet. By doing this, the risk for suffering from fatal diseases is highly lessened and it helps amazingly to prolong human life. And to obtain the most favorable result, it is critical to maintain a healthy lifestyle through proper diet, exercise and of course, good nutrition.