Chlorella and Spirulina – The Superfoods

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Many health experts are now recognizing the importance of algae-related plants including super foods to a person’s diet. Two of the most well established super foods are chlorella and spirulina.

These algae-related plants can be found in fresh water areas like ponds and lakes. They are considered “super foods” or the best food in the world because of its capacity to provide humans and animals an extremely high nutritional value that can actually prevent, treat and even reverse various types of illnesses.

These super foods are essential in our body because they are genuine whole foods. By incorporating these two in your diet, you can gain high amount of nutritional content. Chlorella and spirulina are both high in proteins. It even surpasses the availability of protein found in beef, which is considered as the number one source of protein.

There are also various vitamins and minerals present in these two. But it is not the volume that makes these two unique; it is their capacity to provide natural vitamins and minerals that cannot be found in synthetic supplements. Aside from the usual nutritional value that chlorella and spirulina supplies, these two are also rich in chlorophyll, which is the best form of cleanser in the body.

As indicated above, chlorella and spirulina provide various health benefits to our body that can help us prevent, treat and reverse different types of illnesses.

With its ability to stimulate and boost your immune system, chlorella and spirulina can reduce your risk of acquiring fatal illnesses such as cancer and AIDS. Moreover, since it has the richest amount of chlorophyll in the world, these super foods are also helpful in cleansing and detoxifying our body, specifically by eliminating heavy metals found in our system.

Chlorella and spirulina can also help in treating and preventing the occurrence of obesity, diabetes, hypoglycemia, arthritis, depression, liver failure, ulcers, asthma, hemorrhoids, high blood pressure, constipation, bleeding gums, inflammation of joints and tissues, degenerative diseases and mineral deficiencies.

Specifically, chlorella and spirulina are mostly helpful for those individuals with poor digestion and vitality, individuals who are prone to eating high amount of processed foods, people who are obese, and people with low energy levels. By simply including these two in your daily diet, you can ensure a healthy lifestyle in no time.

Because the importance of chlorella in the body is something that cannot be ignored, it is a must for people to see to it whether they are getting the right amount of this nutrient in their diet. By doing this, the risk for suffering from fatal diseases is highly lessened and it helps amazingly to prolong human life. And to obtain the most favorable result, it is critical to maintain a healthy lifestyle through proper diet, exercise and of course, good nutrition.

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    20. Sep, 2010

    Where can I buy chlorella and spirulina? How can it be prepared? I have seen spirulina supplements in pill form, but this can get quite pricey.

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