avatar"At first, I was a bit skeptical about the whole idea of having an alkaline diet. After reading, I am quite sure that I know much more than 95% of the people out there. Just by following a few simple tips, my energy levels has improved which makes me enjoy my life so much more. Thank you so much. I highly recommend that everyone should read this and apply everything inside."

Samuel Ng
avatar"After watching my weight yo-yo so many times, I’m glad I finally found a weight loss solution that has not only helped me achieve my weight loss goals, it’s given me the knowledge and help I need to maintain my ideal weight now that I’ve reached it.

And on top of all that, following your alkaline diet recommendations has actually led to an overall healthier body for me. By following your simple 12 principles, I’ve made it through allergy season without all the headaches, watery and itchy eyes I experience every pollen season.

Your book is truly amazing. I particularly love the easy-to-follow guide to identifying and choosing acid alkaline foods. It’s taken all the guess work out of making healthy eating choices. I’m glad I read it.

Lisa D
Dear Ms Deangela,

I appreciate your book very much. Learning about the acid-alkaline balance in my food consumption has helped me to manage the acid reflux problems that I had. I feel very much more comfortable these days.

Mee Mee

3 Responses to “Testimonials”

  1. donna


    10. Aug, 2013

    Can i follow this diet if i have acld reflux?

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  2. Dave


    06. Jan, 2014

    I will say nothing but good things about this diet. Very healthy and makes losing weight easy. Too easy in fact for me. Is there a plan to gain weight on the alkaline diet?

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  3. Nita


    01. Sep, 2014

    Don’t know which ones to eat as I have GERD and reflux/ Can you help?

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