Wheat Grass – The Magical Alkaline SuperFood

The young grass of wheat plant is known as wheat grass. It may look like a wild grass in your backyard but the benefits of wheat grass are truly beneficial. Just one scoop of wheat grass juice mixed with your favorite drink can replace 5 to 9 daily servings of recommended vegetable consumption.

Through the years, wheat grass became popular because of the topnotch benefits giving cure to health problems that is very rampant these days. As a natural cure, people came to realize that solution to advance diseases can be solved naturally just like what wheat grass can offer. Generally, wheat grass boos the immune system and sustains high energy throughout the day.

Topnotch benefits of wheat grass are profound and numerous. There is no doubt why health professionals consider it as nature’s finest super food. The young leaf of the common wheat plant is a complete food itself. It contains more than 13 vitamins, minerals and amino acids and trace elements. It helps with cell renewal thus your body is revitalized with new and healthy cells.

Wheat grass is one source of the best natural and nutrient rich alkaline booster. Any nutritionist would understand that the body requires to maintain a blood pH of 7.35 to 7.45, this state is considered as alkaline. Well, the wheat grass can very help a person achieve this level.

Wheatgrass is the best tool to fight acidity because it works similar to a detergent that washes away too much acidity in the body. And the best thing is it is natural and healthy.

Wheatgrass is the simplest way for you to eat your vegetables. It is packed with 13 vitamins, 17 amino acids, fiber chlorophyll, 10 minerals, and a huge amount of enzymes which allow the body to carry out its normal functions.

The nutrients it is available with are bio-available and they are simply absorbed by the body. In fact, in an empty stomach, wheatgrass can go into blood stream in just a matter of 20 minutes.

Moreover, research and studies prove that consumption of wheat grass can prevent cancer and its mutation to advanced stage. Wheat grass is one of the most alkaline foods that will surely help the body stay healthy and energized to meet required stamina of daily activities.

If you want to lose weight with the aid of organic foods, try to take wheat grass juice daily. It helps the body increate metabolism rate thus fats are burned quickly and convert it into energy.

The best part is you can grow wheat grass at home in the shortest time possible- in just one week! The most surprising part is it’s already consumable after 7 days. Your body will immeasurably be grateful if you aim for optimum health with the consumption of alkaline rich foods like wheat grass.

Wheat grass contains a sweet after taste unlike other organic plants with bitter taste that’s why people tend to refuse to try organic foods proven to be healthy. Wheat grass is earthly fresh that is oozing with natural healing qualities.

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    03. Aug, 2015

    there are so many wheatgrass on the market–how to choose–any that come to mind or what do you use?

    in Hawaii

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