Is Alkaline Water Good for You?

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alkaline water ionizerThere are islands of information available everywhere reiterating the importance of acid-alkaline balance as the starting point for a proper health.  The main reason is that the pH level of the blood and the internal fluids can greatly affect every single cell in our body. Otherwise, we know basically the implication if chronic acidity totally interrupts the cellular activity – it will definitely lead to minor symptoms of fatigue, excess weight, aches and pains, digestive problem to serious health complications such as high blood, high cholesterol, heart complications, etc.

If we would go back to the three basic cycle of acidity, you can simply put it this way: acidic body is the result of ingesting acidic foods (sweets, processed foods, dairy products, etc.), creation of acids as microforms build up and intensified with an acidic environment, and the improper elimination of toxins because if strong acids cannot properly eliminated, the acids and toxicity are tend to build up in bloodstream.

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Now, people always seek for better ways to reestablish the acid-alkaline balance of their body. Thus, proper nutrition is the primary concern of many. When we say proper nutrition, it should be 80% of our food intake should be alkaline – low sugar, no fats, more on leafy vegetables, nuts and seeds, and other alkalizing foods. Nevertheless, as many people are busy focusing on what best nutrition they can get, it is also essential and should never taken for granted the hydration process in drinking water. As we all know, water is very crucial factor to health, aside from the fact that almost 70% of our body consist of fluid.

Therefore, drinking the right water can replenish the lost liquid and hydrates the body for a normal bodily functions. Take note that drinking the right water should also alkalize the body to maintain the proper balance. We can equate the quantity of water intake to a quality of water supply. As the body loses liters of water a day, we owe it to our body to hydrate and drink alkaline water with pH level between 9 to10 and drink at least 2.5 liters to 4 liters in a daily basis.     To elaborate more of the importance of alkaline water, reports from several researches recommend people to drink alkaline water for several health reasons.

  • Alkaline water increases intracellular hydration. It has the power to replenish the lost essential minerals and acts as conductor of essential electrochemical activity to every cell.
  • Alkaline water can maintain normal blood circulation because acid waste can dumped into the lymph and bloodstream, then these garbage can be transported to the kidneys and livers and if not eliminated properly can cause several diseases.
  • Alkaline water can flush out toxins, prevents wastes to accumulate and store in cells, and avoid free radicals causing premature aging. Over acidity creates negative environment that impedes cellular functions from the neural functions of our brain to every single beat of our heart.

To produce alkaline water is no sweat. The three methods involve are distillation, using water ionizer, or adding alkaline ingredients such as lemon to pure water.

Alkaline water using distiller is said to be effective way to purify and alkalize the water.

The whole process removes the bacteria and other contaminants and makes the water pure and safe to drink. It is commonly used at home because it involves simple process of heating the tap water to boiling point. After which, the purified condensation has to drain and transfer the instant alkaline water into a clean container. Distilled water has fewer hydrogen ions and more oxygen ions making it less acidic and considered more alkaline than any other types of alkaline water.

While alkalizing the water using ionizer is the method to ionize or electrically enhance the water and run it to positive as well as the negative electrodes. It separates the water into great proportion of alkaline for about 70% and the remaining 30% to acidic. Why not 100% alkaline? Well, the alkaline is for drinking purposes and made for the acidic environment inside the body and the small portion of acidic water can be used for bathing purposes to kill bacteria outside the body. Ionizers are very easy to use because all you have to do is simply attach the ionizer to the tap and you can instantly produce alkaline water. The price is much expensive than to distill the water, nevertheless, it is guaranteed that water ionizer is worth your investment.

The last and very natural method is to add ingredients to alkalize the filtered water. The most common is to produce lemon water, as this citrus fruit maybe acidic in nature but it is one of the super alkalizing fruit to consider. The residue of lemon upon digestion produces highly alkaline effect. So, erase the notion that it is an acid fruit but in fact, the beauty of lemon lies on its super alkalizing power. To achieve the maxim benefits, you can mix lemon and pH drops to lukewarm water so that our body does not need to expand more energy just to process it.

We cannot imagine how life would have been without the elixir of life, the water. With all the alternatives in producing alkaline water, we cannot reason out that we are losing resources to maintain the proper balance of the body. Yet, water alone cannot compensate over acidity if you continue to keep your Western diet lifestyle. You have to exert effort, discipline, and commitment to achieve the perfect balance in life through proper nutrition, daily exercise, and free yourself from stress. Who says to live a healthier life is difficult? It is all in your mind.


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    Gloria Horning

    11. Aug, 2011

    I’m obtaining alkaline water that comes from a deep nicely in Luquillo, Puerto Rico and what I have read is that the alkaline water is produced either by unique drops in regular water or by filtering machines (pretty costly by the way) , so I’ve doubts concerning the water I’m buying. How can I know if this water is seriously alkaline? Is their a any other alternative?

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