The Caveman Diet vs The Alkaline Diet

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It seems that modern lifestyle has created for us things that are more damaging that helpful. It’s no wonder why more and more diseases are plaguing mankind by the day. Our surroundings are heavily polluted that our bodies are flooded with toxins. Add to that poor eating habits made available by heavily-processed food items, and the result is extremely acid-forming diet.

Studies have revealed that too much acidity is the culprit behind various health problems, ranging from exhaustion, headaches, arthritis, to cancers. And there are so many other diseases linked to acidosis. That’s why, eventually, a diet that brings back the normal pH level of the body was introduced: the Alkaline Diet. This diet increases the alkalinity of the body, while neutralizing excessive amounts of acids.

Going Back to Basics

Since much of the health problems we encounter are evidently induced by modern living, it seems like going back to the basics will help put us back on the right track. Take for example obesity. The availability and abundance of unhealthy eating options – processed foods, fast foods, etc. – make us put the wrong types of things in our mouths.

That’s why a diet mimicking that which was the eating habit of our ancestors was spawned to life: the Caveman Diet. The Caveman Diet is not at all that different from the alkaline diet. It still involves the consumption of foods as they appear naturally. What’s more, the diet also recommends exercises, particularly those which involve sprinting and running – as what the cavemen probably had lots of while hunting for food and running away from wild animals.

Generally, the Caveman Diet’s recommendation to eat fruits, vegetables and seeds helps provide healthy pH levels in the body, something more on the alkaline side. That is, until a part of the diet is encountered, which allows for the consumption of something acid-forming; something that the Alkaline Diet does not agree to. And that is the heavy consumption of meat.

Taking a Closer Look

The Caveman Diet is basically another version of the popular Atkins Diet. This is because of the allowance for the consumption of meats, meat products and other fatty foods. The Caveman Diet sure will sound really tempting for those who try to lose weight but cannot simply give up eating meat. Just imagine the premise of having all the meat you can wolf down and still achieve a to-die-for physique.

However, this may not sound at all that amusing to some health professionals and dieters, especially those who are worried about the ill effects of cholesterol and pH levels of the body. Obviously, the Caveman Diet is rich in fats and cholesterol, which have some negative effects on the health, especially to the cardiovascular system, when consumed in large amounts. Also, meat is included in the list of acid-forming items for the Alkaline Diet.

The Pros and the Cons

Let’s go with the pros of the Caveman Diet first. Exercise is a part of the diet, which is really good for the body. It helps in burning off excess calories, as well as flushing toxins out of the body. Working out helps eliminate too much acidity in the body as well. The diet also recommends consumption of lots of fruits and vegetables which, obviously, supplies the body with essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

Since the diet is modeled from what our ancestors consumed, it restricts the intake of cultivated products and processed foods. Such contain chemicals – pesticides, preservatives, etc. – that contribute to the excessive acidity of the body. Needless to say, even the Alkaline Diet restricts them to achieve a normal pH level of the body.

Now onto the cons of the Caveman Diet. Basically, the diet inverts the food pyramid guide: the base of the pyramid is now composed of meat and meat products, while the top of the pyramid now becomes the sources of carbohydrates like breads, cereals, pastas and others. It’s inevitable that one with an active and busy lifestyle will soon surrender employing the Caveman Diet, as the main sources of energy are diminished.

A lot of diseases nowadays are linked to excessive acids in the body. Heavy consumption of meat and meat products only worsens the pH level of the body, bringing it to a heavily acidic state. While there are some things that both the Alkaline Diet and the Caveman Diet share, the consumption of meat, however, is their biggest dissimilarity so far.

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