To Eat or Not to Eat Fruits: Baring the Truth about Eating Fruits

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Have you ever heard of the saying that an apple a day keeps the doctor away? If you have, then you probably think it’s more or less true. That’s the way it has been for many years now: we have been led to think that eating fruits is absolutely good for our health—until recently that is.

A recent wave of writers seems bent on correcting this misconception, going as far as saying that fruits can absolutely ruin your diet, not to mention cause an imbalance in your alkaline levels. The battle cry of these people is clear and simple: don’t eat fruits.

The idea that fruits are totally bad for one’s health may sound a bit too extreme, but it nonetheless made people think twice about the way they perceive fruits. However, don’t go and follow that piece of advice just yet. Before doing so, you might want to get an unbiased and objective perspective of the pros and cons of eating fruits. Most of what you’ve read are either partial truths that don’t even bare it all.

When Eating Fruits Can Be Damaging

If you didn’t know yet, fruits that have high natural sugar levels, such as carrots, mangoes, grapers, lychees and berries, are also packed with calories. The fructose, the sugar specifically contained in fruits, will do little to help anyone trying to lose weight. It will simply add more calories in your body that you will have to lose by exercise.

Basically, the massive sugar content of these fruits contributes to the pH imbalance in your body. Like other foods high in sugar—chocolate, cookies, candies, and pasta to name a few—these fruits draw energy from your body by eating up minerals in your body.

These minerals (ie. calcium, potassium, magnesium, and sodium) are among the few regulators of your body’s pH levels. Not only do these fruits tip the balance by eating up these regulators, they also lead contaminate your blood stream with the toxic byproducts that they create.

Ultimately, these high-sugar fruits will make for a very acidic body system. Worse, most fruits that you will buy at your local grocery are already hybridized. Unnaturally produced as they are, these fruits have even higher sugar levels—resulting in even more imbalance to your body.
Just consider the case of fruitarians—people who strictly eat fruits only. Medical evidence points to these people having some sort of health problem with regard to their skin color, muscle and bone structure, weight, and dental health. Fruits just don’t have the necessary vitamins and minerals required to maintain certain aspects of your health.

With increasing amount of pesticides spraying on the fruits today, and when these pesticides enter into our body, it can damage our health more than it benefits our body. You would want to seriously consider buying organic produce instead of normal fruits.

Why You Shouldn’t Stop Eating Them

Fine, fruits can, to a certain extent, be damaging to your health. But when you think about it, too much of anything—even a good thing such as eating fruits—will most certainly have a bad effect on your health. Eating them in moderation without totally eliminating them from your diet, in the end, is the best resolution. Why? For one, not all fruits have high sugar levels. Also, there are certain natural vitamins and minerals that you can only get from fruits. Lastly, some fruits are even vital in alkalizing your body.

For fruits that are packed with vitamins and minerals, stick to apples, avocado, and berries. Apples have a slew of vitamins and minerals, along with antioxidants that purge toxins from your body. Avocados are high in calorie content, which helps if you need to stock up on energy. Lastly, berries are loaded with disease – fighting bacteria that will protect you from your everyday colds and flu.

In alkalizing your body, you might want to stick with lemons—not only do they have high water content (an important ingredient in alkalizing), it also contain a prolific amount of potassium, which aids in regulating your body’s pH level.

As you can see, fruits aren’t all that bad—but they aren’t entirely good as well. Eliminating them from your diet is definitely not the best option if you want to stay as healthy as possible!

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  1. Emma Deangela


    09. Jan, 2010

    One tip I learnt from Anthony Robbins is eating organic fruits for breakfast is very beneficial to your body. Instead of all the meat and pastries, eating fruits in the morning can be very healthy compared to all the rest of the foods others usually eat for breakfast.

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