Juicing, Alkaline Your Body By Juicing

You know that raw vegetables and certain types of fruits can be very alkalizing, but what if you simply dislike don’t like eating them? Truth be told, there’s no alternative that is as good in alkalizing as vegetables and fruits. If you want to have a regulated and balanced alkaline level, you just have to include them in your diet.

Because you can’t turn yourself away from fruits and vegetables, you might as well have fun eating them. One such way is by juicing them. As I found out myself, juicing has a number of alkalizing benefits and is surprisingly easy to do. Best of all, you get to make something absolutely healthy for your body in a rather personal way.

How Juicing Works

You may find the idea of juicing fruits and vegetables a bit intimidating. Not a lot of people have tried or even heard of it, but juicing is actually anything but heard. The process itself involves juicing out the liquid from vegetables and fruits—which essentially means that you’ll be getting the same nutritional benefits, except fiber. Fiber helps in allowing the body to quickly absorb the nutrient. Don’t worry, though: the absorption process will not in any be compromised, since liquids are much easier to digest.

Alkalizing Benefits

So what makes juicing so special anyway? For one, the fact that it is in liquid form means that your body can absorb the nutrients at a much faster rate—20 minutes. Solid food substances usually take a lot longer to digest, as it has to undergo numerous processes—not the least of which includes chewing. When you drink juice, you don’t have to go through the hassle of these processes, it just goes straight to your system.

Since the body absorbs the nutrients of the drink a lot quicker, you get to feel the effects faster too. In less than hour, you will experience the detoxifying and alkalizing effects of the juice. This is especially helpful if you are on the run and need to alkalize in the quickest way possible.

Another benefit is the high volume of nutrients your body gets all at once. Some people simply don’t like the idea of eating raw vegetables and would stay away from it as much as they can. If you’re one of those people, then you can easily concoct the perfect recipe combining raw vegetables and fruits. This way, you get to take in the same amount of vegetables without having to cringe every time you take a bite. Just think about it: by drinking one glass of carrot and tomato juice, you get the same amount of nutrients as when you eat a pound of both.

Lastly, you get to save a lot of time and energy for yourself. Eating raw vegetables and fruits means that you have to slice and dice them and wash the utensils you used after. You may be used to a lot of work when eating, but you can actually do away with these unnecessary tasks and save up on your energy by juicing.

The Art of Juicing

Juicing may sound like a lot of work, but the opposite is actually true. First, you start with washing the fruits and vegetables. You don’t want to watch them too much as it might take away some of its vital nutrients.

Next, you have to prepare the juicer. Buying one will cost you no more than 100$ to 250$. Don’t hesitate about spending this amount on a juicer; consider it an investment that will last a long time. If a juicer doesn’t do the job of extracting the liquid, you can instead opt for a centrifuge juicer, which is a bit more expensive but better at juicing hard vegetables like carrots.

As a rule, you juice the soft greens and fruits first. After this, throw in the harder ones in the juicer. The harder ones will get to the bottom of the juicer, allowing the softer and already juiced fruits and veggies to stay at the top.

Numerous juice recipes are available for you to choose from. From traditional ones like tomato juice to unconventional ones like lettuce-tomato juice, all you need is to know which combination best works for you. Of course, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can always make a recipe of your own any time.

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    08. Dec, 2010

    I was wondering , I do juice once a week, all sort of vegetables and fruits, then I put them in plastic bags and freeze them, everymorning i take a bag ( 1cup) of vegetable juice and 1 bag (1 cup) of fruit juice, does it have the same effect if it has been forzen, it’s never frozen for more than 1 week….let me know..tks

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      28. Jan, 2012

      Im wondering the same thing. I’m sure it’s best to drink it fresh but does freezing it really harm you??

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    14. Feb, 2012

    Its always better to have fresh juice, but u can freeze it, but not for more than a week.

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    Cecille Chan

    29. Jul, 2013

    Freezing fruits and vegetables is a definite no no. I follow the Gerson diet. Dr. Gerson was the original juicer. If you get some free time, please watch the films: “The Gerson Miracle” and “Dying to Have Known”. Dr. Gerson, Dr. Burzynski, and Dr. Simoncini are medical doctors with cures for illnesses deemed by mainstream medicine as incurable, but they are belittled and marginalized because they threaten the billions of dollars in income of the big pharma and mainstream medicine. I am in the healthcare industry and I put no stock in it. These powerful powers that be will even go to the extent of murdering anyone that threaten their income. Going back to alkalinizing your body, make sure you only use organic produce otherwise you are simply loading yourselves with a lot of pesticide and some. GMO products are definitely health hazards. After seeing the films I suggested, it would do you good to buy the book, “Healing the Gerson Way” by Charlotte Gerson and Beata Bishop. This will be worth your money because it will show you the right way to juice.

    My love around all of you,


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      24. Nov, 2013

      was wondering if i could get some more info from you i am a 37 year old male with lymphoma it i in my lower lumbar,liver and spleen i need to know how i can pump my immune system back up quickly i am also doing a liver detox i am willng to try anything thanks for your time

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    Marvin L. Zinn

    04. Sep, 2015

    I make fresh carrot juice most mornings, and add some graviola to stop the prostate cancer I have. I began many years ago with carrot juice in particular. That prevents me from needing glasses because of lutein and Vitamin A in the carrots

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