Garlic – Alkaline Superfoods?

Posted on 14. Sep, 2010 by in Alkaline Foods

Who would have thought that garlic can be a very important crop for human beings despite its small size? Because of its manifold medicinal properties and health benefits, it has been considered a wonder drug by people around the world. This crop belongs to the Allium vegetable family which includes leeks, shallots, chives and onions.

In fact, it has also been used in herbal medicine also called as phytotherapy. If you are losing your confidence because of acne, you don’t have to worry about because it has also been proven that raw garlic is good to treat it. Are mosquitoes always disturbing your sleep at night? Then with the help of garlic they will surely not come back anymore because it is also known as a great mosquito repellent. If you have heart problems, garlic is the one you need because it promotes the strength and well-being of your heart thus, maintaining blood circulation. In order for you not to catch diseases easily, this also enhances your immune system.

Since garlic is always used in cooking meals, you are rest assured that garlic a day, will keep any disease away. In accordance with a study conducted, organically grown garlic contains a high level of sulphur which has a great health benefit. This sulphur content is referred to as the allicin which is produced when the garlic is bruised, chewed or chopped. According to studies of experts, a total of 1 milligram can equal 15 penicillin standards units.

Do you suffer from high blood pressure because of too much cholesterol in your body? Then garlic can help you out of it because there are up to 12 published studies confirming that this can also efficiently reduce cholesterol.

Aged garlic is also a great super food which has a very powerful antioxidant boosting the body’s resistance against the damaging effects of free radicals which triggers aging. According to consumers, organic garlic also tastes better than those conventionally-grown ones. Recently, researchers from America and Oxford have just published summaries about the healthy and surprising benefits of garlic. It was stated therein that garlic has power in promoting interleukin-1 levels, stimulating macrophage action and T-lymphocyte and supporting killer cells that are natural. These key cells on their strong activity were proven to strengthen body defences and promote the function of the immune system.

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