Does Your Meals Make You Tired and Lose Excessive Energy Without You Knowing It

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Are you one of the millions and millions of people who eat the American diet? If you are, then I have bad news for you. A typical American diet is a meat-sweet diet which typically consists of foods with too many calories. This is the dietary pattern being chosen by a lot of people in different countries, usually in developed ones. So what’s wrong about this type of diet? How can we avoid the consequences? You will know as you read on.

American diet is the term used to illustrate the type of diet in medical literature, in spite of where the food is found. And because of the fact that people have different tastes regarding food, the typical American diet consists of red meat, eggs, pizza, French fries, burgers, mayo, candy, and desserts which are all rich in unwanted calories and sugar. This is a bad choice for a lifestyle.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention conducted a recent survey on weight and the results were alarming. It came out that sixty-six percent of the American population is indeed overweight. This means that their body mass index is more than 25. Are you one of them?

A classic American breakfast can be made up of slices of bacon, sausages, eggs, bread with jam or butter, pan cakes with syrup, cereal, coffee or juice. Imagine eating all of this in one go, yes this is an exaggeration but have you thought of it this way? Every day you eat foods high in calories and you have barely enough time to hit the gym, where do you think these calories will go? These will accumulate and convert into fat.

A typical lunch on the other hand consists of fish and rice, fries, hamburgers – again, very unhealthy. This is a bad combination; proteins and starch take longer time to get digested. And in turn making you get tired easily. You lose excessive energy because your body can no longer keep up. What’s more alarming is, in the long run eating this type of diet may even clog up your system leading to coronary heart disease and other ailments.

Like me, I’m sure you do not want to suffer from the consequences mention above. So how can we avoid them? We should start taking less of the American diet and more on other foods that can neutralize the risk and help us be more active. You can try out diets that promise good health and are effective.

Take the Alkaline diet for example: This diet encourages us to eat foods such as fresh citrus and foods that have low sugar content, vegetables which are high in fiber, tubers, nuts and legumes. This combats the effect of the previous diets we have been eating and helps maintain the balance of alkalinity in our body. Of course we also need sufficient exercise to couple it with. Everything is achievable if we have the determination to back it up. So act now and stop eating what is unhealthy and turn your body around before it’s too late.

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