Organic Mixed Baby Greens With Dried Cranberries & Walnuts Salad

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Most of the time, it is very difficult to eat alkaline, especially with all the junk foods out there. Now, here’s a little tip that you could alkalize your body easily –

Eat a bowl of salad before your meal

You can easily buy a box of salad in any supermarket like the one on the left. I bought one of those to add on to my dinner yesterday.

You may not choose organic salad but I can’t imagine myself consuming pesticides vegetables.

One of the most delicious aspects in making a great and delicious salad lies with the salad sauce and the ingredients of the salad. Adding nuts, berries, or even fruits can enhance the flavor and taste of the salad.

This is how it looks like when it was all out from the packet. It’s quite a big bowl here and after eating the entire salad myself, I could only eat half as much of my normal meal.

As a result, the proportion of vegetables consumed in a meal is more than 60-70%. And this will help your body to be less acidic even if you are going to consume plenty of acidic foods later on. I don’t think you still can eat much after this bowl of salad though.

If you are wondering about the sauce of the salad, here’s how it looks like after I’ve added the sauce.

For the sauce, there are numerous ways that you can make the sauce yourself. You can also purchase one from the supermarket.

I bought the organic salad sauce and mixing it with a little of raw honey and miso to create the salad sauce. Not a superb salad sauce recipe but it still taste better than just the normal plain salad sauce.

Have fun mixing around and remember to do your best to have a bowl of salad before your meals.

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