Water Ionizer – Good Investment for Better Health?

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One of the most abundant natural resources we have is water. In fact, the 70% of our body is comprised with water and our brain is also composed of 80% water. For this reason, we can never run out of good water in our body system in order to function well. When we say good water, we are talking about the right water that gives all the health benefits we need.  With that regard, one of the largest trends in alternative medicine is no other than alkaline water.

Yes, alkaline water through electrolysis process has been the subject for scientific study and was proven with its endless health benefits as best for human consumption.  With the use of water ionizer, we can separate the tap water into two different compositions and molecular levels, the alkaline and acidic water.

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Health Benefits of Alkaline Ionized Water

The alkaline ionized water becomes popular with its numerous health benefits that naturally act as natural antioxidant which neutralizes harmful free radicals. It can balance the body’s pH level suited for people who have acidic body. Categorically, an acidic body invites an ideal environment for microorganisms to thrive in and weaken the immune system. Since our body has the power to buffer the effect of acidity, the tendency is the lost of calcium from bones and other minerals essential for body function. Likewise, the acidic wastes are stored in fatty tissues resulting from gaining excess weight and other underlying diseases. As for the result, the chances that cancerous cells may appear are too high that even our organs can degenerate and break down.

Nevertheless, since ionized water is very alkaline, it can dissolve those accumulated acid wastes and can restore the pH balance to its normal function. Many significant studies also showed how alkaline ionized water can reduce the blood glucose concentration for diabetic patient.

What is the difference between water filter and water ionizer?

Do not be mistaken on the difference between water ionizer and water filters because the edge of the water ionizer is that it has already undergone a scientific alteration to become alkalized and ionized. The tap water consists of 12-24 molecules while the processed water using water ionizer provides small cluster of only 4-6 molecules per cluster. What is the implication of having smaller water cluster to health? Our body can rehydrate much faster if it absorbed smaller molecules through the cell’s wall so detoxification and cleansing diet is easier. Moreover, water ionizer can leave the active hydrogen molecules which bond with reactive oxygen species molecules- the free radicals. These free radicals are responsible in premature aging and damaging the DNA and RNA which contributes to several diseases.

How does water ionizer work?

The unit is attached to the water supply and water enters the chamber undergoes the ionization process that changes the original molecular structure of water and turns it into an alkaline water. The primary task of the ionizer is to filter all the harmful components in the water using the multistage carbon filter containing coral calcium and tourmaline. Then a small electrical charge is also introduced through the platinum-coated titanium electrodes.

The process of water electrolysis takes place in patented chamber which is specifically designed to separate the water into 2 streams. It can produce reduced water with higher pH value of more than 7 that turns it into alkaline water.  It is reduced water as it leaves the electrolysis chamber the molecules of water that have been restructured. The positive and negative electrodes entered into the water and each are attracted to one another. The alkaline water becomes ideal for drinking and other uses, while the acidic water can still be used for watering plants and cleaning purposes.

Choosing the Best Water Ionizer

Water ionizer is a piece of investment for your health so you have to make sure to get what you pay for. So, there are several aspects you have to look for your brand: the parts, full service warranties, and efficiency of the machine. Remember that the plate size matters a lot in a way that the longer the water remains within the surface area, the greater quality you can get from your water source. In short, the larger the surface of the plate, the better it can produce a quality alkaline water. The plate material must be made with platinum material and titanium for safer use. The oxidation reduction potential (ORP) is responsible for creating anti-oxidant properties and the lower the negative number, the better it can be with its sanitizing properties. Lastly, the most recommended pH level for your drinking water is roughly 9.5 pH level.

The prices vary on the brand. You may compare prices available online and make sure to check the specifications and read the consumer’s comments or ratings. To give you an idea, here are the 5-star rating water ionizers you can have as your options:

  1. Enagic Leveluk SD501 – one of the expensive water ionizers in the market but the unit has good features with 7 titanium plates and still uses the traditional transformer.
  2. Life Ionizer 4100 – it is recommended for household use as it offers low-cost solutions for home owners with only minimal requirements and yet it retains good and advanced features.
  3. Life Ionizer 8000 – this is the first under-the-counter water ionizer that hit the market sometime in 2009. The package comes with a custom pre-filter with 2 interior filters, stainless steel faucet, and an organic vitamin C component for chloramines and chlorine removal.
  4. Life Ionizer 3000 – one of the most affordable water ionizers and yet it comes with very good features like the filtration attachment for the faucet to divert the filtered tap water directly into the system.
  5. AlkaFresh MiniMax – has a competitive price with 5 platinum titanium plates that can be adjusted to 250 watts of power, automatic pH display and control, and the color LCD display comes in full size.

Our today’s age is exposed to acidic material we accumulate in our environment and the food we eat over a long period of time causing underlying illnesses. We can combat free radicals by keeping the alkalinity of our body in order to maintain the overall wellness. It may seem overwhelming to have expensive water ionizer but the benefits it can provide are certainly priceless. Therefore, when it comes to your health, your investment to water ionizer is really worth your money, without any doubt.

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