3 Christmas Health & Fat Loss Strategies

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With Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year, all happening around
the corner, I’ve put up a list of 3 different strategies that you
can use to control weight gain and protect your health.

Strategy #1: Don’t Overeat

The holiday party is going to be really exciting, with lots of
foods set up on the table, maybe a turkey, ham or some other

I’m not going to force you not to eat these foods. You can eat if
you want but just don’t overeat.

You see, when you overeat, your stomach have to work harder
to digest the foods, and may cause multiple damages to
various parts of the body.

One of the immediate effects of overeating is bloatedness. I’m sure
you know how it feels like and sometimes it would worsen and cause
upset stomach, mood swings, or even diarrhea.

So do your body a favor by eating till you are around 80%-90% full.

One tip you can do to avoid overeating is to arrive at the party
“half full”. Eat something healthy before the party so you won’t
show up with your stomach growling and mouth salivating.

Strategy #2: Avoid Holiday Drinks

In most parties, there will be lots of different holiday drinks
like orange juice, red wine, beer, coca cola, and many more..

The problem with these drinks are that they are usually full of
sugar, and they are highly acidic.

When you drink them together with your foods, it would tilt the
body pH level to the acidic range. Besides that, drinking these
drinks would dilute the digestive juices in your stomach that are
essential to digest the holiday feast.

One tip to avoid these holiday drinks is to go for plain water or
natural fruit juices that are prepared on the spot.

Strategy #3: Increase Your Stomach’s Digestive Enzymes!

Digestive enzymes are extremely important to help your digestive
systems to digest foods effectively.

You might be thinking, how am I going to increase my stomach’s

Of course the easiest way is to get some digestive enzymes
supplements or pills. They can work very effectively to boost your
digestive system.

Another way is to eat slowly, chew more, and savor the flavor. When
you chew slower, foods are broken down into smaller pieces which
help the stomach to digest these foods easier.

There are more saliva being released when you chew your foods more.
Do you our saliva are natural digestive enzymes?

That’s all for the 3 Christmas Healthy & Weight Loss Tips..

I wish you a Merry Christmas! And have a memorable and happy holidays!

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