The Ampalaya – Sugar Kills But Bitter Cures?

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If bitterness means remedies to any pain, I would have swallowed all the bitterness of life. On the contrary, only the distinctive astringent taste of Momordica Charantia L. Amargoso can possibly eases several ailments. Bitter gourd, bitter melon or Ampalaya as many prefers to call it has the natural weapon to prevent numerous diseases. A climbing vine with the heart-shaped leaves, yellow flowers, wrinkled and fleshly green fruit that grows abundant in Asia and South America has made a breakthrough and gained international recognition in herbal medicine.

The nutritional contents and analyses of the fruit are reportedly rich in vitamins such as calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamin B1, B2, C, magnesium, folic acid and manganese. The harsh bitter taste can be attributed to the presence of momordicin that said to have stomachic effect which improves the function of stomach.

Medical Uses and Benefits

A number of studies have found healthful attributes from the fruits and leaves whether it is eaten as part of the main dish or taken in the form of capsule and tea.

  • It stabilizes the blood glucose concentration to lower sugar levels in urine and blood because of the lectin contents that has insulin-like activity.
  • Compounds in Ampalaya boosts the immune system against infections that many people are inclined to have. Neutralizes the harmful free radicals in the body that leads to organ and tissue damage.
  • A great disinfectant that heals wounds scalds and minor burns by using the fruits warmed leaves to the afflicted area. The antimicrobial properties of Ampalaya treat several bacteria-related illnesses.
  • Grounded and juiced leaves can be taken one spoonful everyday. It treats dysentery, diarrhea and chronic colitis. For coughs and minor respiratory problems, it works well to hold back inflammations in the respiratory system that leads to chest congestion.
  • The damaging toxins of the body as the result of harmful effects of alcohol abuse can be repaired through the many nutrients and enzymes that Ampalaya contains. It protects the liver and spleen to maintain proper functionality.
  • Root decoction and powdered leaves can used as astringent to treat hemorrhoids.
  • Parents used the seeds for drastic purgative of their children and some problems like diarrhea.

Healing in natural way amuses the patients and nature has provided us alternative medicines in the form of fruits and vegetables. Ampalaya never ceased to give its amazing benefits since ancient times up to this modern age wherein dietary deficiency is impossible to avoid. Diseases take place because we tend to exacerbate the situation by damaging our bodies in addition to stress and detrimental way of life.

Having this as part of the nutritional supplement promotes general health and well being. We can regain our long lost connection with natural remedies before mainstream medicines took place over the last couple of years. Let it be our optimum goal is not only to gain material wealth but to have a well state of toxin-free body, emotional balance and peaceful mind.

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